Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sweet Memories

Do desserts evoke happy memories for you? 

I am one of those people who looks at the dessert section before I look at the rest of the menu....the sort of person who takes a trip to the cake display shortly after being seated.
Well, otherwise how else will you know how much room to leave for dessert?
It's just common sense, don't you think?

It was once said, that regardless of how bad a meal is, if the dessert is lovely, then all is forgiven....hence, dessert IS the most important course!

When I started giving in to my inner dessert passions, I started taking photos of lovely sweet things, some I've shared on here already, so, being a Monday and all and feeling like I need some sugar, here are some desserts from around town, the country (and the Asian Pacific).  Just for a tease!

 Tea at Hardware Societe - Melbourne CBD

Chocolate & Raspberry cake (warmed) at the Sherbert Bakehouse - Perth

Macarons from Adriano Zumbo - Sydney
(Salted caramel and Chocolate earl grey get the special mention)

 Lime Hot & Cold at Star Anise - Perth

Dulce de Leche wafer with Licorice icecream at Star Anise - Perth

 The infamous Guava Snow Egg at Quay - Sydney
(yes it was worth the hype!)

Preserved wild cherry compote,
coconut cream, chuao chocolate crumble, milk meringue crystals,
cherry juice and chocolate sorbet *phew* at the Quay  - Sydney

Eight textured chocolate cake with Amadei Chocolate at Quay - Sydney
(we could differentiate about 6 textures)

Margie Carter's amazingly flawless Tigger cake at Planet Cake - Sydney
Watching this cake being made was a seriously exceptional experience!

Chocolate Hot & cold and fresh churros at San Churro - Perth

Almond croissant, and petit fours at La Galette de France - Perth

Citron tart & gianduja entremets at Choux Cafe - Perth
 Chocolate icecream sandwich from the cart on Orchard Road - Singapore 

 Durian Puffs at the Goodwood Hotel - Singapore

Dessert Plate (flourless chocolate cake, matcha icecream, matcha roulade, creme brulee) at Azuma - Sydney

Salt water taffy by the sea - Bunbury

Apple tart tartin, citrus brulee and chocolate moulleux & salted caramel icecream at Must Wine Bar - Perth

and I could simply go on and on and on.......

But above all, when I think about sugar and all things sweet, is how happy it makes people and how special it is to share these things with the people you love.   In all those photos, there was always someone I love sitting next to me, indulging their crazy friend, sister, daughter who simply has to take photos of the dessert before anyone is allowed to eat them!

So be like Coby, and savour your cakes like it is the only thing that matters!!


  1. The Eight textured chocolate cake is a must at The Quay!

    The first time even the wait person had trouble remembering the different on our second visit our wait person introduced the eight textures flawlessly.

    To happy sweet memories!

  2. Beautiful post Winnie, brought back memories of being with my Mum... lots of gorgeous cakes and desserts were consumed but it's my Mum's laughter that I remember. Coby photo is wonderful... and made me smile, thank you :)