Monday, October 11, 2010

The perfect 10

How many 10s can you have in a date? Sunday 10.10.10!  I suppose a date like that doesn't always happen.... I think the next one is not until 2110.... I don't think I'll be around for that one, and I certainly won't be making cakes if I'm still around.

Bev & Ling chose the perfect date, for the perfect wedding.  (The rain even stopped just long enough for the ceremony - considering that it hasn't rained in more than a month here in Perth!)

Bev came to me at the beginning of the year with these cute candles which she had chosen as her bonbonieres.  And of course, she wanted them replicated in sugar for the cutting cake.

'Ahhh...easy job!' I thought to myself. 
I was certainly not thinking that 3 hours into making them.......

What do you think?  Do they look like the real thing?

Wishing Bev and Ling a long and perfectly happy life together!!  Congratulations!

Postscript 14/10/10

Bev said via email :  
Hey Winnie,  Thanks for the cake... it was very cute on top of the stand.
Photos coutesy of Bev and Hayli via FB

Also in celebration mood were Shann and Kevin.   Who's firstborn Kaeden celebrated his first month.  In a Chinese household, the first month marks the baby's debut, and the first time the baby and mummy are allowed outside the house.

Preparations started with all the boxes being assembled and cupcakes being baked. 

 They were presented in individual boxes

 and in bigger boxes of 4.  Consisting of flavours of chocolate, white chocolate, taro and pink lemonade - just for variety!

Kaeden is so lucky to have so many people to love him, I'm sure he was spoilt with love and attention all weekend!


And I'll leave you with a sneak peek,

This beautiful embossed cupcake is a sample for a Swan Valley wedding next year.  It's an Indian Irish wedding, so I'm very excited to have so many design elements to work on!! 

Stay posted!


  1. Winnie you are so talented! The embossed cake is gorgeous, the babies debut cakes are lovely (yum, taro & pink lemonade) & your gingerbread bride & groom are better than the real thing!

  2. Yes! The gingerbread couple are perfect! Love them Winnie! Always love your posts and seeing what you are up to...keep the great photos coming! xo