Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cake Love Cupcake Classes

It is with much pride and joy, that we announce the creation of Cake Love - Couture Cake Classes. 

Cake Love is the happy creation between Sweet Unique, Sugar by Winz and Delectable. 
We're also very excited to be invited by the Cooking Professor in North Perth to run a series of classes this year as guest teachers.

So here it is!
Cupcake Classes

Cupcake Techniques - Basic
Courses Thursday 25 & Friday 26 November 2010
10am - 4pm

Christmas Cupcakes
Sunday 5 December 2010
10am - 4pm

Junior Cupcakes (ages 8 -12)
Monday 6 December 2010
10am - 12 noon

Suitable for any skill level.  Learn how to use fondant and turn any cupcake into a work of art.
Let Glenda and I show you in a fun and relaxed class!  
All equipment and lunch is provided (excluding Junior classes) so just bring yourselves and be ready to impress your family with your cupcake creations!

Thanks to all our flickr friends for design inspirations.  Credits to PiaMariane, Fran, Paige, Naomi, and of course PC!
So get onto the Cooking Professor's site and reserve your spot.  We look forward to seeing you all there!!


  1. Very exciting! Wishing you success (& heaps of fun) with the classes!

  2. Congratulations on your new school/classes! I love the cupcakes...incredible designs and execution as always! Have fun...can't wait to see your classes and student work!