Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cupcake Couture

As far as crazes and fazes goes, it appears that the cupcake one seems to just keep getting stronger, and increasingly sophisticated.

The latest of course is the release of the Planet Cake book

With cupcakes retailing at $15.00 each, they really are simply too good to eat!
I am eagerly awaiting my book to arrive from Sydney headquarters!

Creations from the new book!

Cupcakes can be very fussy to make, and I know some gorgeous cake artists who simply loathe to make cupcakes.  I on the other hand, would never have started cake decorating without the humble cupcake

These were the very first cupcakes I made that I took money for.  I made them for my darling friends Mandy and Joachim. I've made a fair few cupcakes since then, but I still remember how gracious my friends were in trusting me with their wedding cake - as well as truly appreciating me for making them.

Hopefully, my skills have improved a bit since then!


  1. One cannot underestimate the humble cupcake.

    Just as much (if not more) skills, patience & care is required in creating these intricate miniature cakes.

    Loving the Channel cupcakes!