Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whirlwind of classes

I have some exciting news to share!

Our little cake school is moving into a new home!

By the end of June, Cake Love will be in our new studio on Cambridge Street in Wembley and all of Margie Carter's amazing July classes will be run from there.  Happy dance!  Wiggle wiggle (as our cake idol Min would say).

Thank you to all your support for helping us get into our own home!

Whilst we are on the topic of classes, here are the great photos from our classes in April & May!

First up was the Classic teapot!

Perfectly round orbs ready to be decorated.  They really could've just as easily have become soccer balls, or globes or even a disco ball (that's telling your age!!)

So many interesting design and all so cute!!
And we even had a couple of special guests in class - Our Miss Universe WA Contestants, Alison & Sophia popped in for a visit. 

And our teapot cake at the Ronald McDonald house, in time for the Cancer Foundation's Biggest Morning Tea!
(photos by John Koh)


Next up, something for every fashionista....the killer Stiletto!

By the end of day 1, it looked more like a warehouse than a cake class!

And look at the marvellous results!

Enough to make Monsieur Louboutin (and me) very happy!


After Stiletto, we moved onto the delicate feature flowers. 

*Contented sigh* 
Don't they look amazing and almost real enough to want to stop and smell!


Handi's last class for May was of course his famed figurines.

Sure was wonderful having so many talented cake artists with us for class

Award winning cake artist Melissa of Fun 'n' Fomal Cakes

and Clare of Clare's Cakes - all the way up from Geraldton for class!


After all that caking, you think we would've stopped for a breather...but no, Glenda & I launched straight onto our Classic Beginner class and Basic Baking Science workshops!

Hmmmm..... Chiffon cake with double cream and mixed berries....I wish I had a slice, right now!!


So I'm going to finish off with some of our truly fabulous upcoming classes at the Cake Love studio!

Margie Carter's Karma Cameleon and realistic Porsche 911 Masterclass 

Chocolatier extraordinaire Julie Whitehead's decadent Chocolate classes - learn how to temper courverture chocolate and make amazing chocolate treats, cakes and even 3D chocolate flowers!

Handi Mulyana's Classicly elegant Double Barrel and Topsy Turvy High Tea Masterclass

 and of course the much anticipated Haute Couture Cakes with the Caketress - Lori Hutchinson!

More wiggling!!  

You can register for classes through :

 We hope to see you at one of these wonderful workshops!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Cake Mojo

Late last year, with the general stresses in life, I lost my caking mojo for while.  The thing is, when you lose your mojo, everything just seems that much harder and frustrating.

A cake you're are making collapses, and you have to do it again, the next cake you make does the same, you open a new batch of dodgy icing that is ultra soft and sags on the cake you're making...and you have to cover it again.... you make another cake that you dislike so much - that you dont even care that you didnt photograph it...even the chocolate ganache splits and has to be thrown out....3 batches of white chocolate...  Sigh, and white chocolate costs $20 a kg.  Sniff sniff.

I was so sad.....I had lost the mojo and didn't know where to find it again.  Luckily, the support of some really cool caking friends offered some great advice and got me through.  It took a while to get the groove back, but happily, I've found the love again and this last month has reminded me how much fun caking is!

 This truly fun cake for little Tai, with all the great characters from Madagascar (except the penguins) - I am an animation fanatic.  Once upom a time I wanted to be cartoonist when I grew up.....funny how life works that way!  So naturally I loved making this cake - even though it was a tad fiddly. 

An equally impressive Hollywood themed cake for Peggie's 30th.  Complete with sugar popcorn and photos of Peggie over the years and her family.  Peggie's response was "Thanks for the cake, love love love it very much :) "  Awww shucks!

Another fav is this Mexican themed one for Cory & Erica's 24th birthday party.  Design inspired by Julie McMaster.  It was fun to make and gave me a chance to dust off the airbrush!

More fun with the much loved Thomas the Tank cake for Isabelle.  Apparently no amount of pleading by her doting parents to choose a more "girly" themed cake design was to any avail.....all Isabelle wanted was a Choo-choo cake!

Less cute, but definately more girly, a white chocolate & raspberry cake with macarons to match for a high tea sweet sixteen. Hmmm, what I wouldn't give to be 16 and know what I know now!

Talking about high teas, this amazing set up by the very stylish boys at Blissful Affair.  140 sets of antique tea sets and lawn games for the birthday tea for Rebecca, who was also getting married on the day!

Stunning set up at the Cottesloe Civic Centre overlooking the Indian Ocean.  Custom made mirrors spanned the length of the tables and a walkway decked out in fairy lights.  It really was one of those magical weddings!

And a couple of more stylish weddings, for Emma & Andrew at the Lake Karrinyup Golf Club - the lovely flowers by the talented Jessie Anne.

and the wonderful Tracy and Keith at Frasers with this Maggie Austin designed cake.

Just perfect for a romantic Autumn wedding!

We've just finished a whirlwind fortnight of classes with Handi.  I'll post up all the amazing results soon!

Hope you all enjoying the much needed rain (of course its only enjoyable when you are rugged up on a couch with a mug of something yummy)