Monday, October 4, 2010

Pretty in pink

Only a short post this week.  My little brain cells this week are being dominated by the real world rather than the much more colourful and enjoyable cake world. *Sigh*  Some times real life just gets in the way.....

This week I had the pleasure of making this pretty pink cake for Betty. 

Betty turned a 85 on Friday and is simply the most charming lady I know!
The cake was a taro & white chocolate top tier and dark chocolate bottom tier.  Design inspired by Lorinda Seto and the Pink Cake Box.

Betty loves nothing more that pottering in her butterfly filled garden and has been collecting turtle figurines for the last 40 years.  I believe her collection tops more than 5000 individual figurines from all around the world, with no two alike.  I hope this Sugar by Winz original adds to the collection!


  1. Aww she must have absolutely loved this! :D I love the ribbon and the plaque detail! So girly :)

  2. Taro & white chocolate...yummmm!

    Happy Birthday Betty & may there be many more!