Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Long Weekend in the Avon Valley

WA celebrates the Queen's birthday apart from the rest of the country..... why exactly, never fails to baffle me.

On saying that, long weekends are extremely welcome, especially as the weather is fine and spring is in the air.
Without a cloud in the sky, it was decided we would take a road trip to York.

                             York is a little town on the edge of the Avon Valley intersected by the picturesque Avon River (home of the annual white water marathon race - the Avon Descent), it was the first inland settlement in the wheatbelt WA.  Settled in 1831, and named after York in England, the architecture reflects the strong influence of the time.  York soon became the gateway to the mining towns of Kalgoorlie and the surrounding farming areas.

If it weren't for the would've thought you'd landed in 1850!
First on the agenda, was the Old Mill Markets.

Organic jams, oils, olives, cookies, cakes and chocolates all produced locally.

And of course, you just cannot go past the terribly charming Penny Farthing Sweet Shop on the main street.

It was simply impossible to leave the shop empty handed....just impossible.  So charming and filled with interesting antiques and all sorts of imaginable sweets, its one of those places that make you feel like you are 8 years old again.

Next on the list was some food at the Imperial Hotel, which happens to be right next to the Town Hall

It was a most curious experience.  Sitting on the verandah, it feels rather strange.  The pace is slower, 3 cars is a traffic jam and the atmosphere is so relaxed.  Looking down the street, I feel like I'm in a pub somewhere in rural England......or at least that is what I imagine it might be like.....

The distinct European feel of the interior of the tastefully refurbished hotel.

How can you not love the place, when the mascot enquires about cake??

Sunday was also the day of the start of the York races and it was heralded with great fanfare that included a parade of vintage cars.  To be sitting on the verandah with a pint of pale ale, a ploughman's lunch (with homemade wholewheat breads with fruit and grains) and watching the cars go by, well, it was just so....colonial.

After we had had our fill of cheeses and beer, and had browsed the antiques market as well, we piled back into the car and headed back to Perth.

Canola fields - Northam 
enroute from York.


While I still have your attention,

Featuring our own Jess Pedemont as well Adam from Materchef and of course Adriano naturel - bet you'll look at macarons differently after that!!


We are also in the process of organising some classes before Christmas.  Send us an email and let us know what you might be interested in learning!  

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