Monday, November 29, 2010

More Chanel and a Big brief case

This week I had the great pleasure of making this giant cake for WAC - otherwise known as Perth Airport.  

French vanilla tea cake with dark chocolate ganache, DEI (digitally enhanced image) printed on edible fondant in the likeness of the annual report.  Handpainted finish with gold accents.

Pardon my ignorance, but up until last month, I didn't even realise that the airport was a public company.
The new general manager is a bit of a Planet Cake fan, and wanted a cake for the launch of their annual report.  Planet Cake were kind enough to refer them onto me, talk about pressure!

 The CEO of Perth Airport & Mayor of Belmont, with the big cake!

The cake took 2 to carry and fed 220 guests gathered at the WA Museum for the evening soiree.

Anna (who commissioned the cake) said via email:
The cake was fantastic - thank you so much for making such a great cake and our event went really well.
photos courtesy of Anna via email  

It appears that Chanel is once again the height of fashion.  With several orders this month for Chanel themed cupcakes, all of a sudden, I seem to be seeing C's everywhere!

Chloe's cupcakes for her birthday dinner.  Hope you had a marvelous birthday week!!

Just goes to show, that understated elegance is timeless!  Viva le Chanel!!

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  1. What an excellent gift. I hope anyone chose this gift. Thanks ;)