Thursday, July 1, 2010

Winter Wedding

Last week I mentioned it felt like the calm before the storm.... so, here is what the storm was all about.

A Martha Stewart inspired winter wedding on the banks of the Swan River.  After a week of cloudy skies, the day started off clear and crisp, with not a cloud in the sky.

As you can see, it was a perfectly fine day as we started out at Presidential Suite of the Sheraton Hotel.

Some champagne and chocolates to start the day and get into the mood........

The beautiful flowers were done by Jessie Anne of the House of flowers and here is the moment we first laid eyes on the exquisite bouquet.

With the most perfect fragrant roses and gorgeous tulips and just the right amount of bling!

Naturally the flowers at the reception were equally divine.  With romantic posy arrangements in varied sized vases. 

Pale pink and cream rose petals in cones gave the wedding ceremony an added charm.  So much in fact, I caught the seasonaed celebrant sneak a photo of the petal strewn red carpet.

The cake, of course, made by yours truly, echoed the romantic feel of the day.  Featuring handmade sugar roses with lustred petals and dusty pink centres, just a few feathers (the bride wore them in her hair) and a touch of bling.

The cake table also consisted of baci chocolate filled boxes and rum cake truffles.

Cake served with dessert (creme brulee with mandarin relish and vanilla shortbread), cake truffles and cheese platters! 

Wedding favours included the chocolates, wine stoppers for the boys and novelty handtowels for the girls.

The perfect way to end a perfect day.  Sunshine and good friends make for a wonderful day.  I wish all the most wonderful things for this very special couple for all the exciting adventures they will experience together!

Michael turns 40

A surprise cake for Michael, who is Irish, was requested in the World cup appropriate soccer ball cake.....naturally with the Irish soccer team colours.  I adored making this cake and it was terribly satisfying to get it as perfectly round as possible and all the pentagons and hexagons to fit together.

I hope Michael had a lovely birthday and that he enjoyed his soccer ball cake!!

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