Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Covered in sugar and cream

Ahhh...... Melbourne, the eating capital of Australia.  The home of fabulous coffee, cake and fashion.

The pursuit in learning from the best in the country takes me to Savour.  Headed by multi award winning Callebaut ambassador and World Chocolate Masters judge, Kirsten Tibballs and World Chocolate Masters Champion Paul Kennedy.

As you walk in, there is an overwhelming smell of chocolate, it's like you expect to see Willy Wonka coming out to greet you!  And then lo and behold...... the most amazing chocolate flower display.

Delicate and beautiful, they set the tone for the days to come!

Training includes smelling and tasting.....naturally!

Here I am filling the moulds with the blood orange insert for the champagne logs.

and then making a pistachio dacquoise....

Carefully unwrapping the perfect chocolate curl.....

Oh phew!!

Ooops..... getting caught going for a french meringue tasting..... the smoothest....most satiny meringue.....

The completed Citrus Champage logs

Completed pineapple oval petite gateux with the chocolate curls!

Completed chocolate & raspberry framboise with pistachio cream.

And of course, the tastings!!

No time for rest.......more to come soon!!


  1. Oh my gosh YUM! You are going to be one of the best pastry chefs and cake makers around!! It looks like a really great class! Can't wait to see what's next!

  2. Hi, I am, looks like u had a great time.. I wanna take more classes but no time T_T

    might come back again in Sep if I got chance (5% possible)