Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cupcakes from afar

Finally a quiet weekend!  It feels like the calm before the storm.......

I got an email from Jess of Simply favours, who is based in New Zealand, to ask me about surprising her Mum for her birthday.  You see, Jess' mum was in Perth, helping out with the newest addition to the family, baby Chloe.  I was delighted that through the wonders of modern technology (yes, that makes me sound old).... that Jess found me on flickr.

Jess decided on cupcakes of the family.

 The idea that even though all of the family couldn't be together for her Mum's birthday, that they were all there on cupcakes!

I had visitors from out of town staying with us (think carefully when you extend such offers) and too many people in a small house isn't the most ideal environment for cake decorating.  But Jess' thoughtful gift was just an order I could not refuse.  After all, mums are pretty important people!  I hope the cupcakes were all enjoyed and that the lucky mum had a wonderful birthday!

Planet Cake Perth Classes
I am returning to the mother ship next month for the Masters course at Planet Cake Sydney.  I am sooo very excited!   Just a quick reminder to those of you who have not already enrolled, Perth classes start 31 July at Epicurious in Subiaco.  Get onto the Planet Cake site and join us! 

New course Basic 103 features this stunning 2 tiered cake.  Imagine how accomplished you'd feel after completing this fabulous 2 day course!!


  1. Hi Win! LOVE your cupcakes - they are really adorable! Baby Chloe is just so perfect! Love all the details. Excited for you to return to PC...are you taking Masters courses or helping teach classes? Very envious...I can't wait to get enrolled in the entire Basics series...my dream! I hope you are well!! xo

  2. absolutely gorgeous! u should open your own shop!!!!!!!!!