Monday, March 1, 2010

A long weekend!

A much needed public holiday - for Labor day in WA. This weekend also marked the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Traditionally in China, the 15th day is the first full moon of the year, therefore, on these beautiful spring nights (before electricity) unmarried maidens were allowed out of their homes to view the vendors lining the streets with new seasoned flowers and pretty lanterns lit by oil and wicks. As this was a once a year outing, many eligible bachelors would use this opportunity to decide which young lady he would like to take as a wife. And hence, the 15th day, known as the street festival, is also known as Chinese Valentines' Day.

Festive foods included the Shanghainese tea marbled eggs - these signify little taels of gold.

Traditional pot sticker dumplings with pork and chive filling and pan fried till they are golden and crispy and stick to the pot! (dipping sauce made from Chinese black vinegar, balsamic vinegar & sesame oil)

This weekend also celebrated a milestone 80th birthday. A festive Chinese banquet was in order for this grand event!

90 guests celebrated at the Jade Court in Cottesloe for the evening's festivities. Miniature longevity peaches to wish everyone a long and healthy life!

and a nice big peach for the very lucky and adored birthday boy!!

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