Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Popcorn anyone?

Curiously, when the movie themed cupcakes went up on the blog and at flickr, quite a few people emailed asking how they were made. The credit of course should go to the immensely talented Andrea of Andrea Sweetcakes, so I thought I'd post a few photos of how I translated her technique.

Equipment required
Ball tool, paintbrush, fondant, food colouring, deocrators alcohol (rose essense)

Add some CMC into the fondant to assist in hardening the fondant, knead well and roll into random sized balls (between pea sized and cherry sized as you prefer)

With the ball tool, on the foam pad....

... make little belly button shapes

Mix a few drops of food colouring with rose essense (to allow faster drying) and paint the inside of the button.

Working quickly bfore the fondant dries, shape the buttons into organic looking shapes to resemble the kernels.

Using a little water - or flower glue, attach the shaped pieces to another ball of fondant

You can attach more than one piece or none at all.

Viola! Makes me want to watch a movie!!

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