Monday, March 22, 2010

Breaking the drought

After the longest dry spell Perth has ever experienced, a monster of a storm rolled in late yesterday aftern0on. Bringing with it, hailstones the size of golf balls and a blanket of darkness that covered the whole city from 4:30PM in the afternoon. The torrential sheets of rain caused mudsides and widespread flooding and a trail of destruction throughout the city. It was pretty scary. I dont ever remember such a violent storm!

On a happier note, and what this blog is actually all about......

This weekend started off with a Green tearamisu cake for Tony's birthday.

It was a bad picture in a very dark room.....but at least the cake got an applause! Made with marsapone, white chocolate and honey, it was a light and an interesting deviation from a traditional tiramisu.

Also girly cupcakes were the order of the day for Janelle's 25th birthday.

And a lovely pair of tween twins had a movie themed birthday party and cupcakes to match the theme. It was so much fun to make the fondant popcorn.

Popcorn anyone?

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