Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cupcakes it is!

First off the run this week, Menzie turned 7. How time flies. I still remember him as a little bump! I can hardly believe the bump is now a handsome little man!

A party with face painters, little friends and lots of desserts was definately the order of the day. Cupcakes requested in Menzie's favourite colour. Apparently, I'm his preferred cake maker.

As Chinese New Year celebrations continue, more parties to attend, more food! Oh boy! This bouquet of Chocolate cake truffles made it in one piece to one of these parties. Keeping in the theme of lucky reds and golds.

Lili with her cake truffles.

After watching several episodes of the new My Kitchen Rules, I have come to the conclusion that Masterchef is definately the better of the two. I am a real big fan of Manu Feildel, and love watching him cook. He's funny and very sensitive (you could see him wiping away a tear in the final episode of Masterchef as Julie was reunited with her family) but in this series, he's so serious most of the time. So, overall, I think the Masterchef dynamics were better.

Anyways, in one of the earlier episodes, our Perth team, made a disastrous creme brulee. It made me crave creme brulee like you wouldn't believe. So at this weekend's dinners, (yes, we hosted more than one) creme brulee it was!

I love my blowtorch sooo much!! Hmmmmmmm................

Also this week, my dear friend Joan bought me some gorgeous cupcake cases to replinish my diminishing stocks. What better way to thank her, than to send her some cupcakes. Pretty cupcakes were the order of the day, and these were quickly bundled off onto a plane bound for Singapore.

Last but not least, I received a delightful email from the very lovely Siobhan, who's wedding cake I had the honour of making. It really made my day and she sent me this lovely photo of the cake by candlelight. It's so lovely when you get feedback from happy clients, its what I love most about making cakes!

"I just wanted to say how spectacular the cake was!! Just gorgeous and we were so pleased. I’ve attached a photo taken on the night! Thank you very much!"

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