Friday, August 3, 2012

The key is in the door

Life is always a journey.  

I never guessed at the tender age of 8, when my much adored Auntie Pat taught me how to bake a butter cake, that it would start me on a love affair with the beautiful chemistry of baking.

I love the romance of turning butter, sugar and eggs into a magical cake that almost always guarantees a smile.  Yes, Eat cake, and be happy! As my baking improved, the art of turning a yummy cake into a work of art appealed even more as each project had its challenges and nutting them out was even better fun.

So, the progression from a hobby, to a home business and now into our own little studio, it has been a dream that has taken a 6 year journey.  Allow me to share with you the next phase of my love affair with sugar!

A small unassuming shop in a small complex, wedged between a catering kitchen and an indoor squash court, was where we found our new home.

Yes, at this really was a mess, as we took down all the internal partions of what used to be beautician rooms.

No scrubbed up pretty well!

What I did fear of course....was..... shock horror.....flat pack furniture!!!! 

Luckily, VERY luckily, not everything was flat pack!

We newspapered the windows....and while we're at it, lets give the neighbours something to talk about!

Beautiful custom made granite tables arrived.  Big happy dance by Winnie!!

Every cake decorators' dream - tables all perfectly level. No more rocking tables!!

A fancy coffee machine..........

A lucky money toad.

and we're almost ready for the first classes with Margie Carter! Another very happy dance.

 Check it out!  We're finally up and running!  

3D VW Beetles fresh off the coveyer belt, for our very first christening classes.

 and the first cakes to go out the door.

So yes, we've moved in, and everything is just blissful!  Come and visit us soon!


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  1. Awesome!!!! Congratulations girls, a dream come true. It looks great from the photos and I hope to visit sometime soon.
    All the best with your cakes & beautiful studio.
    xx Madeleine