Thursday, August 23, 2012

Caking Update

Now that I've moved into my little studio, the Cake Love classes and goings on will now move to a new page.  Here, at Sugar by Winz, I will continue to blog about the cakes I make for Cake Love and a little bit about the goings on inside a cake decorating school/ studio.  Mostly, it still will be a personal account of the journey I take and the cakes I make.

So, now, time to update you with some cakes over the last few months.

First up, some cupcakes!  Forever popular, you can have so much fun with them, the designs are just limited to your imagination!

Ms G and I also converged onto the grounds of PLC to teach an excited group of year 6's the fine art of cupcake decorating!  35 mums and daughters had a creative morning out, covering the middle school food and nut kitchen in a sea of colour.  I LOOOooved being back at PLC, it was a real thrill!

After months of planning, Margie's classes were amazing.  This is the woman that inspired me with her cake artistry, and watching her work back in 2006, certainly was one of those Ah- ha moments in my life.  I could NOT believe that such things could be done with a result I have been hooked ever since and she continues to amazie me with her work.

Margie's awesome beetle ended up on the Big Couch with Clairsy, Shane & Kymba - and was given away to the caller with the worse car in Perth.  Hilarious!

I even had a go in class myself - with our Karma Chameleon.

Such a cute little critter, but not nearly as adorable as Margie's

Fred the Chameleon ended up being auctioned off, with proceeds to go to the Perth Zoo's wildlife conservation fund.  Cake for a good cause.


A pretty cake for our new 103 class

and then of course, a whole heap of birthday cakes for little ones!

 (pic thanks to Michelle)

and some not so little....

I even managed to fit an Opera cake in for the lovely Delectable Jo!


We also loved these beautiful pics just back from the lovely Tracy & Keith , of them enjoying their wedding cake!

(photos by Imakica Photography)


And lastly chocolate classes!!  Julie Whitehead - Chocolatier, turned our studio into a sea of chocolate working with Swiss Felchlin Edelweiss and Rondo Chocolate.  You could literally smell the chocolate fumes from our back door!  

If you were ever wondering what can be done with chocolate, well, I can tell you that its far harder than working with fondant....especially if you have super hot hands like me!  The world of chocolate is another one of those things that fascinate me!

Look at what Kirsten and the team have been up to at Savour - turning the kitchen into a completely edible garden!

I can hardly wait to be back there in October!!


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