Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Being passionate

At the great risk of sounding like Oprah...... you have to have passion in your life.  Whether it be love, sports, shopping, fast cars or, perhaps, Sugar, spice & all things nice.

I've always had a sweet tooth.  Ever since I was toddler......

Yes, sweets always made me very happy!  (that is a lolly in mum's hand...)

So, how important is it to have passion for what you do?  I belong to GenX, we were brought up by our parents to have a steady job, work hard and that someone was always watching.  If you were willing to work hard, you could afford the nice things in life.  There wasnt all that much about creativity or 'living the dream', let alone being passionate about what you do.

Gladly, the world has changed somewhat since then.  The likes of Steve Jobs, Jerry Yang, and Bill Gates and a whole horde of Hollywood actors that gained overnight success and fame, lectured on the importance of following your passion.  So now, instead of just plain working hard, I work hard at doing something I love.  Although the money has yet to follow - it's not always easy to hold down a regular job that pays the bills as well as finding the energy to follow your passion!  Its rewards are great, so I wouldn't have it any other way.


Here are the passionately made cakes and classes over the last couple of weeks.

Starting off with some cupcakes, footy themed...already!  Gee, I wouldn't mind some footy weather right about now!

pic ourtesy of Naei via FB

And these cuties headed off to a birthday party...in Bangkok.

As did this topper for an 80th birthday celebration. 

Fabulously done by Lauren.

A big cake for Alana's Grecian inspired 21st at the beautiful surrounds of the Claremont Yacht club.

White, gold, drapes columns and laurels to fit in with the theme.  21 exploding hearts and the Effiel tower (Alana's dream destination) in purple (her favourite colour).  Alana had a great time and  loved her cake, which was the most important thing.

Another very popular Giggle & Hoot cake for little Luke's first birthday

Many thanks to Vicki for doing a lot of the hard work :)


Moving onto the bigger cakes, is this romantic wedding cake for Jess.  Delicate princess stencilling and sugar pearls, resulted in a timelessly elegant design.

Jess was delighted that the cake turned out as she envisioned, but only got to look at it fleetingly.  She must have been a busy girl that night.  I hope the photographer took some lovely pictures for her to look over when she's not socialising with 120 people.

Something a little more modern for Sarah,

With dogwood blossoms and pretty ribbon.  This cake travelled down to Margaret River with the father of the bride, with strict instructions to keep it nice and cool - and no stopping for lunch!

Lastly, this understated but classic cake for Kim. 

There is a little bit of excitement in regards to what happened to this cake, but I will keep that a secret for now and upload the pics when I have them.


And then of course the start to our Cake Love classes for 2012.

Classic 101

and Marvellous Macarons, and they really were marvellous!

 And then there was cupcake teaser thrown into the mix for a bit of variety

our May classes will be listed soon.  And dont forget all the great classes when Handi comes to town to do the amazing stiletto, advanced figurines and teapots!

At the end of the day, working hard at what you are passionate about beats just plain working hard!
So, as someone once said to me, if you had a spare sunday to do what you want, what would that be?  That is more likely to be what you're passionate about!

Me and my darling sis, the UAA, drooling away at a box of goodies (circa late 70s)


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