Friday, March 23, 2012


I have to say that when I design something I often to gravitate towards cute.  It's difficult, I grew up exposed to the likes of Sanrio - the Japanese stationery, giftware company that gave the world Hello Kitty, My Melody and of course, my personal favourite...........Little twin stars.

Though, I like to think that my style isn't as saccharine, I do admit to having a love affair with the pastel colours! 

Strangely enough, for me this week, there was a bit of that sort of 'kawaii-ness' about a couple of orders.

A birthday cake for Kluay (who's nickname means banana) dreaming on her banana moon, and the cute as a button baby shower cake for Alicia (who is Spanish and hence the red and the hand fan).

It was only natural then, to allow the cuteness to take over and carry it onto classes, starting off with the very adorable Ted on a Pillow cake.

and even more cuteness in cupcake class

Heeehee.... what came first?  The chicken or the egg?  Just in time for Easter!  Enough of the cute already?

Ok, here are other sweet things from the week.  A wonderful dessert table graced by our macarons & mini cupcakes at the blu grill.

A novelty cake for Gary Roberts (MD of Nova 93.7).  Apparently Gary irons all of his own shirts and is very particular about the settings on his iron.  So instead of a fancy new one, we made him his first iron.  Something retro from the 1960s!

Looks like Gary got the joke.  Making novelty cakes is always so much fun!


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