Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More caking adventures

We had such a slow start to summer, but it very quickly caught up with us!  With the hottest January on record in Perth, sweltering through caking projects was certainly a challenge.

I know I say it every summer, but seriously, how do you turn down really great clients?

This pretty cake for Wendy & Rob for a beautifully styled event at the Blu Grill.  Cake design by Sweet & Saucy and is all the rage in NY at the moment.

Macarons & Mini cupcakes to match the colours of all the gorgeous flowers, including Irish bells fresh off the plane!


And this happy, retro, slightly whimiscal cake for Steve's 40th.  Doting wife Stella designed the cake to match polaroids of Steve from his invitation.

Apparently great fun was had by all the nieces and nephews tucking into Steves ears, and eyes and head.......  Life is so lovely when you are 6 years old!


A couple of smaller cakes for Mr & Mrs King's wedding anniversary - a very thoughtful gift from Chef Noon for Mrs King.

And this really cute one for Ngee, who I made miniature Chanel bag and monkeys for last year.


And then of course there was the Everything Baking Expo in Perth, with special guests Buddy Valstro and Debbie Brown.   I was so excited to be in Masterclass with Debbie, and felt like such a groupie!

Debbie who has 14 books to her name, and a real pioneer in the techniques of modern cake decorating.  I can certainly say that her style has influenced more people than any other cake artist in recent times.

My cake.....

and Debbie's cake, taking shape.

Voila, after 6 intensive hours,

After enjoying it for a day or so, this is where the Dragon castle ended up.

In front of a group of excited year one students at Rehoboth Christian School.  How wonderful to see all those toothless grins, I love how cake makes people so happy!

Hope you're having some cake love in your life too!

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