Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 and into 2012

Wow!  What a year it's been!

2012 is definately going to be a very exciting year!  More about that later, but let's catch you up on the cakes over the last month or so.

This 2 tiered Hoot cake for Issac's 2nd birthday featured, the apple trees from the show and a Hoot with lots of presents.  I'm getting quite a lot of requests for Hoot... so now I know him quite well!

A more exciting theme for Jarrad's 4th birthday.  Spiderman!  Not the easiet superhero character to I thought I would do a sort of 'cartooned' version - as long as he's recognisable..... how do you think I went?

Little Jarrad and his friends seemed to like the cake!

Pic from Elaine via facebook
Happy birthday Jarrad!

We love getting requests for interesting cakes.  There is nothing like cakes that showcase personality and are meaningful to the people who receive them.  Here are some great examples.

What do you think this became?

A yummy white velvet cake with rose infused white chocolate ganache huge enough to serve 60 people as a replica Royal Albert teapot for a surprise 80th birthday.  A real team effort on this one, with artist Vicki stepping in to painstakingly paint the English country rose design on the scuplted cake (by yours truly)

We adored it and it was so hard to part with this one!  Rebecca who commissioned the cake had this to say " Thank you Winnie and Vicki for the fantastic teapot! Nanna didn't believe it was cake to start off with, you blew everyone away with the replication. And taste- devine!"
We're delighted!

And then there was this cute surprise groom's cake

 A present from the bride, it débuted at the rehearsal dinner.  For a rugby loving groom and his beautiful bride who loves singing.  

On the topic of singing, there was also this one for Scot's 40th birthday.

An antique book trader and talented opera singer by night.  This cake was to showcase his greatest loves.


And then because summer wedding season is not over yet, 
This elegant cake for Maria & Gino, who's engagement cake I made last year.  A gorgeously transformed venue at the convention centre, with chandliers and magnificient lights.  The design originally inspired by Sharon Wee, sat proudly centre stage.

Then this positively dreamy setting for Veronika & Beau at the Sandalford Winery

and these cute cupcakes for Jess & Chris at the Pagoda in South Perth.

We adored the cheeky customised toppers with their impressive likeness.  A beautifully styled event by Blissful Affair, complete with a lolly bar (all the rave this year) and a photobooth.

When you are making Italian meringue buttercream and fresh out of the oven cupcakes (in vanilla, chocolate and red velvet), well.......let me tell you it is simply irresistable!!

 Nom.. Nom nom nom......Slurp slurp....drool drool...... Deep breaths......!

Last out of the kitchens before Christmas break, was this divine design for Stephanie and Alan.

For the lovely Caversham house in the Swan Valley.  This cake inspired by a renowned Faye Cahill design, with pure silver leaf, pearl lustre and stencilling detail.  The sugar flower was lovingly handcrafted by our flower artist, Lyn.

And that concluded the year for 2011.   For the new year we have so many exciting plans and some really fabulous cakes coming up!  I look forward to sharing with you the adventures of the new year, in the meantime, it's time to sit on a beach somewhere (Margaret River to be precise) to recharge!!


Happy new year and all the best for 2012!!



  1. Everything looks wonderful, I hope your 2012 is even greater than 2011!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    Carsedra of:

  2. Wow! Love the pearl luster effect! Is this achieved with dusting or spray? Love it! -eileen

    1. Its neither dusting or spray Eileen, its lustre painted.

      xo Winnie