Friday, December 9, 2011

Beaufort Street Festival 2011

The thing about Asian families, is that all projects are conducted as a village.  Everyone pitches in and has to have a say, welcome or not.  It can be a great thing, more brains on the project can mean extra creativity....or there is that thing about too many chefs....?

Well for my brother's new project, it was ironically, about needing plenty of chefs on hand!

You see, he had come up with a great concept of a restaurant.  An Asian Diner, no fuss, old school Chinese food.  Retro even.  You can read about his antics and adventures at that blog:

So, that was how I was roped into spending a day in the sun on Beaufort Street for the Beaufort Street Festival.

It was so strange to be standing in the middle of Beaufort Street at 7am.... and silence.  The road was closed off at midnight.

Our tent goes up, on the Clarence St corner.  

Performance art setting up directly opposite us.  Oh!  The suspense!!

Our balloon brigade.....yeah, not so fun after 200 balloons!  Thanks dudes!  We couldn't have done it without you!
And here are some awesome pics of all the cool stuff that made the event so successful.

70,000 people in one day.... it was amazing!

More amazing pics on the Beaufort Street Facebook page.
 See you there next year!!


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