Sunday, September 11, 2011

That mad week in September

Every year, without fail, September is the busiest month.  Its heading into Wedding season and lots of people are born this month.

So, as a cake artist, well, September can be a busy, busy time. 

This year, I even (for reasons unknown) had the brainwave of scheduling a string of classes as well.

Here are some highlights for the month so far;

Sesame Street themed cake with the toppers provided by yummy mummy Audrey.

Hoot Mark II for Kaeden's first birthday.  I made the cupcakes for Kaeden's first month....seemed just like yesterday.

And the Ladybird Cake Mark II, this time for little Sophie.
(Sorry about the bad lighting and pics...but it can be a bit like that when you're working late into the night and can't wait for daylight to take decent pictures.)


Oh, and of course the best group of students this month.  It's immensely rewarding to see their progress as they become increasingly confident and creative.

Starting with our beginner class -

To the Classic 102

And even more wonderful was that our cakes ended up at PMH in the Starlight Childen's Foundation Club Ado room.  We hope the kids enjoyed their treat and many thanks to ToyBox International for organising and delivering the cakes.

And of course, this weekend's fabulous Classic 104, 3 tiered cake!

 All those cakes - as the day progressed.  In all their pretty colours!

And the sugar started getting to us........

Such pretty cakes and gorgeous magnolias.  It takes a lot of love, time and effort - not to mention plenty of yummy things, to go into a big cake like these.  So for the lucky ones that got to sample them, I'm sure they tasted amazing with all the work that went into these masterpieces!


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