Monday, August 15, 2011

Slowly catching up.....

I know I keep saying this, but I just have no idea where the year went!!

It seems like it's been an incredibly busy winter and spring is just around the corner.  I'm slowly catching my breath after a month with no weekends - with the teaching and the cakes and life in general.  On top of that, I've been cajoled into entering the Perth Royal show....again!!   

I was so adamant that I was not going to place an entry this sure up until 2 weeks ago when entries were closing.  Sigh, and yet again, I've entered myself into 4 catergories - enough to make me lose my hair!  So, if I get a little slack in the blogging will all know what's happened to me!

So here are some catching up pics of the goings on inside the sugar filled half of my life.

A Marie Antionette inspired cake.  White chocolate & mango, with macrons and Persian fairy floss.

Tiffany coloured mini lamingtons for a gorgeously styled 21st, and of course a Tiffany box & key to match.


I hope Yvonne had an amazingly memorable birthday and perhaps got a little blue box in her present pile as well!!  ;-)

Our Classic 103 class also went off without a hitch, and our students produced the most beautifully romantic cakes.  It's amazing to watch the creative process take over and how the same design can lend itself to so many different interpretations.  That, I suppose, is what artistic expression is all about.

I simply adore the basis of this design, textured wraps, lace appliques and simplistic but beautiful flowers.  I can't wait to run the next workshop again!

And some updated news in the world of cake and all things sweet.

 Seung Yun from Savour is headed to Paris to compete in the World Chocolate Master final.   Wishing her a safe trip and all the moral support I can muster ;)   I miss Savour so much.  I still dream of those petite fours & entremets!


Even more exciting news that the ultra talented Margie Carter (co author on both Planet Cake books) is to be joining Handi's Cakes on a part time basis. 

Being able to watch Margie at work is one of the most amazing experiences, and certainly one that added to my desire to pursue cake decorating as more than a hobby.  I can't wait to invite her to Perth.  3D cakes that defy we go!!!


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