Thursday, September 22, 2011


I think my friends are all going to disown me soon.  I have become this crazy person obsessed with all things sweet and have no time for them anymore.

Well my darlings, I will, just give me a couple of weeks to catch up and you shall have my undivided attention...well, at least until the craziness starts up again.  ;)

So, to keep you updated on the going ons over the last week or so;

First off was out evening cupcake teaser class.  I think Glenda & I are going to be held accountable for turning a whole new group of lovely ladies into Cake decorating crazies......yeah, you don't really need the money for retirement, or new clothes...or food...just spend it all the fancy cake decorating toys!

We looved our cosy little class, huddled up over a batch of freshly baked cupcakes. 


Moving on to our weekend Marvellous Macaron classes.  Amazingly the spring rain came down in buckets outside us, but even with all that humidity, the stars alined and our macarons all behaved themselves.

So, what do you do when you are waiting around for macarons to cool?

Gather around and drink pink Champagne of course....  We are pretty responsible teachers - so this was in fact, one of our private classes.  

After you've drunk all the Champagne, you start to find all sorts of shapes in your macarons.  Mickey Mouse is in the house!


And now to the cakes of the week....

A gorgeously styled wedding at the Royal Freshwater Yacht club for Sarah and Matt, as you can see, the theme was a very regal purple.  According to Matt, it rained all day, but the sun came out just as they were married.  Isnt it wonderful when that happens!

And this very pretty cake for lovely Betty who turned a very sprightly 85.  Design inspired by Handi Mulyana.

and last but not least, this little cake for Langdon.

He is a beautiful, happy child with such doting parents.  It was a special birthday and I feel very honoured to be able to make his cake.  The bittersweet part is of course, that Langdon's twin, passed away several weeks ago - like a little angel that was here for too short a time.   As heartbreaking as it was for all of us who knew them and were there when they entered the world, his family thought that his birthday should be happily celebrated with those that he loved.  I am so glad that he got a great birthday and I hope he has many beautiful memories of his day!

I hope you all had a adventurous week and stayed tuned for the tears and tantrums of the Royal show!!


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  1. my friends think i'm a little crazy with all the cakes and sweets too so i hear ya! love your work!