Friday, April 15, 2011

Galavanting through France

Where to start?

As I am writing this post, I can't decide whether to share the beautiful places of France with you first, or the gorgeous foods first!  This is after all, a blog about the sweet things in life.
Well, let's do beautiful places first then.....

Admitedly there are many more photos of stunning Architectural masterpieces than the selection below, but these would have to be some of my favorites.  

 The charming streets of St Germain des Pres - 6th arrondissement

Sunday mass at St Sulpice......da Vinci code anyone?

The terribly charming Luxembourg Gardens whilst the sun was out.

Tulleries Gardens beside the Musee du Lourve with the Effiel Tower in the background.  (please read with French accent)

Even outlet shopping looks chic.  All the big names at La Vallee Village.  Every label is housed in its own little building.

The amazing ceilings and opulent gilding inside the Chateau de Versailles

Some champagne?  World famous houses side by side, separated only by a name marker.

Oh, and Moet et Chandon just on the other side of the road......

Unesco listed Cathederal Notre Dame - Reims, celebrating 800 years.

Louis Vuitton headquarters on the Avenue Champs des Elysees.

Appearing like a fairytale, perched on an island surrounded by the sea.  None other than the Le Mont St Michel.

The impressive expanse overlooking the coast of Normandy.

 and of course, the Eiffel Tower.  The French are so stylish and chic that I couldn't help but take photos of good looking strangers.

last but not least, my favourite snap - on Rue de Rivoli beside the Tulleries Gardens at dawn. 

Next post.....
The food and the famous patisseries of Paris

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