Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the name of research

As someone who is obsessed with all things sweet and or delicious, it is little wonder that one naturally goes a little loopy in the land of gastronomy!

Eating my way through Paris, turned out to be a really amazing experience.

Hidden treasures around every corner, and too much interesting food, with too little time!

Starting the morning with a typical French breakfast, an egg, a baguette, some butter and jam, a croissant, some ham, some cheese, some yoghurt and some tea.

Next, head to a Creperie

Crispy on the edges, lathered with full fat butter, filled with chicken and oozy French cheese..... or, filled with ripe strawberries and lashings of nutella.......definately drool worthy!

Off to the markets for some fresh fruit and curious vegetables from all over Europe.

Something more substanial?
You can't get more French than Foie Gras & Escargots.

Well, actually, you can....some Champagne, two steps away from where the grapes are grown.

And then of course we would need something sweet.  The award winning Raspberry iced souffle,  melt in the mouth creation of fresh raspberries, finely crushed meringue and whipped cream.

And then of course the chocolatiers and master patissiers.

Master Chocolatier Jean Charles Rochoux with his windows full of perfectly tempered chocolate babies and minature animals, that just seem too adorable to eat.

Inside the chocolate and pastry cabinets of La maison du chocolat....the LV of chocolates!

Poilane with her beautiful shortbread cookies, delightful sourdough and lovely bread themed oil paintings


Inside the cabinet of Pierre Marcolini - the studio in Brussels even more impressive!

 Saduharu Aoki, Japanese born, French trained patissier.  An amazing accomplishment to have several studios in a country that is generally rather conservative to its approach to foreigners.  The Aoki Millefeuille should be on everyone list of to try in a lifetime.  Millefeuille means 1000 leaves in French, and is all the rave at the moment in Paris.

Monsieur Pierre Herme aka the Picasso of Pastry and the insides of his store counter - how hard it was to get permission to take these photos with limited high school French.....

You cannot but help admiring a patissier with a conscience, for one whole day (19 March) Monsieur Herme opened his doors to all 6 of his Paris studios for the Autour Des Williams - a local childrens' charity.  Anyone who was happy to make a donation to the charity would receive their pick of 3 free macarons from his Spring range.....and you could line up as many times as you like at any of the stores.

Its no wonder the line went around the block.

After Herme, naturally one must do some comparisons....

Powerhouses Lenotre and Laduree of course.  Never made it to Dalloyau, and Gerard Mulot was closed the day we were there.  So naturally, more research to undertake for the next visit!

Back to reality with our goings on back in Perth, I will share the London pics once I get those organised! 

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