Sunday, September 12, 2010

Born in Spring

For some reason, lots of people I know have their birthdays in Spring.  Growing up, my birthday always inconveniently fell during the school holidays (this was back when school in WA consisted of 3 school terms a year).  So I never got the big cake and all my little classmates crowded around and signing happy birthday or that extra half hour of recess time the class was allowed for special occassions..... I suppose, nor did I have the political problems that came with who got or didn't get an invite to my birthday parties!

When you reach a certain age.....birthdays, well, they come by pretty quick.  Those were the words of my dear friend Leona who turned an impressive 40 this weekend.  40 is the new 30 after all!  

I've known Leona since...well, lets just say, a long time.  I'm so proud of everything she has achieved and I'm so glad she's a part of my life!  Of all the cakes she could've asked for - her favourite pastime (other than shopping), naturally had to make an appearance. 

To the next 40 birthdays darling and wonderful things yet to come!! 


Right on the other side of the spectrum, little Chloe turned 1.

A big 1 banana and dark chocolate cake with Elmo marked the occassion.  I can hardly wait for the photos of Chloe eating cake!!


I also made a longevity peach cake.  A present from a daughter in law to her mother in law, as with Chinese tradition, the peach signifies long life and good health as betowed on mortals by the Empress of heaven.

and the Chinese character (if it's legible) for longevity in crystals.


And then somewhere in between, Susan and Aimee turned a very sweet sixteen.  Susan and Aimee both attend my alma mater.  Making this cake certainly bought back memories of my high school years and I hope that the girls have an equally memorable time at school.  The friends you meet in school - are some of the friends that stay with you for a lifetime.

Live life to the max girls!!


And finally there is one more cake......
My birthday cake. 

I was adamant that I didn't want candles and a birthday cake this year.... in fact I got 2 cakes =)  One cake was a delectable chocolate cheesecake my gang organised for a cosy dinner, but this cake was extra special.  It was made by my brother.  For someone who has never made a cake in his life and didn't know what cake flour was, this banana marscarpone roll was truly remarkable.  

To my family and friends:  Thank you for the support and love over the years.
I couldn't have done it without you!!

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