Monday, August 30, 2010

A week of cakes for little ladies

Cake decorating is fun regardless of how you look at it.  The creative process of creating something pretty and delicious looking, is always special.  If you cook a fabulous meal, people will eat it, thank you but it doesn't compare to the sort of response you get from someone receiving a beautiful cake.  There is something about sugar and eggs and butter that make people extra happy!  Such was the case this week when Tracey ordered a cake for little Lucy's first birthday.

 Yummy mummy Tracey fell in love with Koko the cupcake fairy from Paper Eskimo and as every woman knows, there is always a little girl inside of us who secretly wants a pink fairy cake!

Tracey called me afterwards to tell me how wonderful those few seconds of anticipation were as her hubby opened the lid of the cake box to show her the cake.  Luckily for me, it was how she had imagined it!! To be exact, she mentioned something about almost having tears in her just made my day!
I hope Lucy had lots of lovely memories of the awesome party her mum organised for her!

Post script 2/9/10
I'm so glad Lucy enjoyed her birthday cake!!
Photo coutesy of proud mum Tracey via email

~ ~ ~

 Moving onto more lovely ladies this week, was the Delectable & Sugar collaboration of a Rainbow pony carousel cake.  Requested by the birthday girl's best friend, the cake was a surprise to celebrate her 22nd birthday.   As this young lady is graduating this year, the cake also marked a special milestone.

Putting the finishing touches on the cake.  We worked and worked on this cake.....until the wee hours of the morning!
Thanks so much Jo!  I couldn't have dreamed for a better partner in crime!!  

We wish Diana an unforgetable birthday!

Postscipt: 2/9/10
From Shiyu via email:
It was awesome! Thank you so much for helping out! She was very very happy, and she keep hopping back and forth her room and fridge peeping the cake!  Thanks for everything. BTW the cake looked so good when the candles were lit! They literally looked like a glowing merry go round with real lights on! :))

~ ~ ~

And then of course there was the lovely Elaina, who turned a very impressive 15 years young!  Ah....what you wouldn't give to be 15 again!  *sigh* 

I learnt all about pokemons and pokeballs for you Elaina!!  Pichu or Pikachu....that WAS the question!!

This one is definately Pichu.....I hope he can do some sort of impressive magical thing!  It sure looks like it was a really fabulous party!  Happy 15th Birthday Elaina, I hope it was Electric!!

photo coutesy of Leona via facebook

~ ~ ~

And last but not the least, was Claudia's confirmation.  

Such a lovely tradition of celebrating the holy occassion with family, friends, food and cake!
All with matching cupcakes too!  Congratulations Claudia, hope the joy you feel on Confirmation day remains with you for a lifetime!

It was such an amazing pleasure to produce all these pretty cakes, so, a special thank you to the wonderful mums and best friends with such lovely ideas and made the special effort to make a difference to their loved ones this week!

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