Monday, August 16, 2010

Europe and Cupcakes for Astrology

It started as an interesting brief..... A cake in the colours of the Hungarian flag.....with some Hugarian dancing red...... for an 18th birthday.

Well, reason being, that it was an Europe themed party.  How gorgeous!  Imagine all the wonderfully 'delicious' things you could dress up as!!

 I had a great time making the boots!

As well as the boots, Isadora also got cupcakes with European flags...

and Burberry tartaned cupcakes.

So I hope she put on her dancing shoes and had a magnificent time celebrating being all "grown up"!!
On the other side of town, at the University of WA to be exact......Open day was in full force.  ICRAR -  the International Cebtre for Radio Astronomy Research wanted to lure potiential bright minds with cupcakes..... and hence....the ICRAR cupcakes


  I wonder how they chose who got cupcakes.....!

 Two peas in a pod

Twins are not so unusual these days - but naturally conceived twins are truly something special.  And so it was the excited grandparents to be that threw the extravagant baby shower.  80 people and lots and lots of food and cake and cupcakes too.

The peas in the pod topper made to match the invitations and the cupcakes were the hit of the day!

Also this week Jessica Pedemont was in town taking the last week of Planet Cake courses for the year.   Jessica, chocolatier, pastry chef and cake decorating expert, who's classes I was in back when I first started training at PC headquarters.  So it was really exciting to be working with her again.

Busily covering their square cakes, believe you me, it's as challenging as it looks!!.

Although Jess makes it look like a breeze.

Precision = perfection

Class completed (sorry on the quality of the pics).  Everyone did brilliantly with beautiful earthy tones!

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