Monday, May 10, 2010

More classes...

Final week of Planet Cake classes in Perth.  Teaching with Handi was such a great honour and definately a whole heap of cake fun!

With the second lot of Basic 101 and 102 students.  Look at all these lovelies hard at work!

Of course, for those of you following Masterchef on TV, you may have noticed the segment on the children's party challenge.  Planet Cake of course was once again invited to host part of the challenge.

Blue team made cupcakes (We were very happy that they won)

and the red team made a castle cake

Although we were disappointed that not more was shown on the actual making of the cake - which I'm sure many people wanted to see (after last years tension filled wedding cake challenge), we neverthless celebrated the evening with Handi with cocktails and champagne!

Talking about Handi, he has become a little bit of a local celebrity appearing on the 92.9 breakfast show with Lisa, Sam Mac & Basil.  The station was inundated with calls following a cupcake challenge.  And of course his big picture appeared in the Western Suburbs Weekly as well, which resulted in Epicurious being bombarded with calls long after we had put him on the plane back to Sydney.
Read the article here.  (Western Suburbs Weekly 4 May edition)

After a whirlwind fortnight of classes, Handi served Moet to the class on the last day.  Such a lovely gesture for a fabulous trip!  We look forward to having you back in August!

If you haven't enrolled already, get onto the Planet Cake site now to register for the August classes!  I look forward to meeting you then!


  1. Fabulous posts about the classes in Perth! I am so hoping to get to Australia to take some classes at Planet Cake! What a great opportunity for you - can't wait to see more! xo

  2. I agree! I wish we got to see more of the cake making! At least the Planet cake sign was visible!