Sunday, May 23, 2010

An inspiring 60 years young!

This weekend, my amazing Aunt turned 60.  Such a gorgeous, composed and youthful looking 60 she is!  We celebrated the great occasion with 40 of her favourite people at the Joondalup Resort.

My aunt is an amazing lady, all those things that you want to grow up to be.  Graceful under pressure, composed under stress, elegant, compassionate and always kind and wise, and a great cook on top of all that.  In 2007 she was diagnosed with lymphoma and this year marks the completion of her 2 year maintenance period.  As her children say, "What a champion!"  We are so proud of you Auntie Jennie and wish you good health and much joy for many, many decades to come!!

The cake and cupcakes were gluten free vanilla and chocolate.  Decorated with sugar flowers with edible lustre.  All to match her bubbly personality and her love of flowers.

 Gluten free can be delicious as well!!

Sara also celebrated a milestone birthday this weekend, with her best friend organising a brain workout by way of a quiz night and surprised her with a massive chocolate cake.  Chocolate is every girls' good friend...right?

Looks like Sara needs just a teeny tiny bit of help blowing out the candles.  

Happy birthday and many happy returns Sara!  
photo courtesy of Leona

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  1. Your sugar flowers are amazing! I hope that one day I'll be able to make some as nice-but I'm not holding my breath! :P