Monday, May 3, 2010

Cats, Cocktails and a Cake filled weekend

This morning Cherie got a Monday morning birthday surprise.

Her fabulous friends Karen & Adrian had decided gift her a box of cupcakes with a theme of her favourite things.  Her 2 adorable cats and her love of cocktails.  Delivered to her office bright and early this morning.

Karen said via email : " Thanks Winnie,  Cherie was super surprised and loves the cupcakes.  Thanks again and I will look forward to surprising others in the future."  

Hope you had a lovely birthday Cherie, and how lucky you are to have such thoughtful friends!

After much anticipation and excitement surrounding the arrival of Planet Cake to Perth, classes started last Wednesday at Epicurious in Subiaco.  The classes we so popular they booked out in 2 weeks.  As a result I'm pleased to inform you all, that classes for August are now up on the PC site, please, please get in early or you will be disappointed!

Facilitating the courses with Handi is simply a great honour, and it's always fabulous to meet like minded people who are equally as cake crazed as we are!  Novelty 101 kicked off on Saturday, with some of the girls completing 5 full days of intensive cake decorating!  Talk about hard core fans!!

Look how happy the are with their wonderully finished clown tents ....or maybe just they're just relieved.......


Novelty 102 started bright and early on Sunday....when most of us should really have been still curled up in bed with a cup of tea and the morning paper.... (which incidentally Planet cake was featured in), but look at how hard these girls were working!

and of course how totally fabulous their cakes turned out.  Well done to all of you.  You all inspired me with your enthusiam and talents!

Look forward to seeing you girls for the intermediate courses in August!  

Don't forget to tune into Masterchef on Wednesday when Planet Cake hosts the challenge and to Perth radio station 92.9 on Thursday when Handi gets interviewed on air!

Look at the lovely cake Handi made for the judges!

...and look what they did to it!  Not to worry, most of it went to a good home!

Photos coutesy of Masterchef via facebook.

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  1. I'd love to do a Planet Cake course, they look like so much fun! Love your photos of everyone with their cakes. I'll be watching MasterChef Wednesday to see the Planet Cake challenge :)