Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Winter babies

 It seems that a lot of people I know have birthdays in July, August and September.   I read somewhere that it has something to do with which seasons we are more likely to make babies.... ;) and hence a lot of winter babies.

I had a great time this week making adorable cakes for some littlies turning 1.  Firstly an adorable tiger cake for Jensen.  Jensen is was born in the year of the tiger - which naturally makes him a born leader!

A yummy white chocolate & raspberry cake was made for a lovely family lunch.  

Too cute to eat?  Luckily he's made for keeping and not for eating ;)


Enough blue?  Well how about some pink?
Well........more like a whole LOT of pink!

This massive cake was made for little Ayda at a big birthday celebration.  And there was enough malted marble cake to feed 50 people!

A lot of pretty girly details and hand painted to match the theme of the garden party, along with astro turf placemats.  The little ladybird was a bit lonely, so I added some friends for her.

It sure was hard to part with the cake!  But yummy mummy Donna, who was so excited about the cake, told us that Ayda loved eating it.  Which really, if you ask what it is all about!

What is so great about being able to make special cakes is seeing how different we all are.  I love making cakes that show personality and are meaningful to the people who receive them.  We may not always know what we're passionate about, but it is important to have passion in life, be it cooking, singing, reading, dancing, travelling and the list goes on.   It gets us through the day and makes life far more interesting.

So, on that note, it was really interesting to make a Poker inspired cake for Nimitr.

A small cake for a family gathering.  This cake sure had a lot of interesting things on it!

For me who has never played poker, or smoked a cigar, it was kinda fun to do some research on what would be most meaningful for someone who loves the game.

I hope all the cakes were eaten with much laughter and the birthday boys and girl were surrounded and spoilt by the people they love.

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