Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One year ago.......

What were you doing one year ago today?

Maybe its the cold weather....maybe its age slowly creeping up on me, maybe a combination of the two?  But the lovely Clare posted comment on facebook last week and once the thought got in my head....well, it was kinda hard to shake it. 

So, here it is, what I was up to a year ago, with never before publicly seen photos!!  Heeheee.
Photos courtesy of Linda Harden.

So here I am, July 2010, at Planet Cake headquarters, in the Basic Series Masterclass along with some really, really cool cake artists. (I don't look so great in this pic.......um....a bit out of my depth....?)

The beautiful Linda & Anna Maria.  A year later, Anna Maria is still teaching a whole new line up of cake enthusiasts and Linda is still jetting around the world as well as teaching in between exotic locations.

 Taa daaa! My topsy turvy cake that ended up in the display window of Alex & Alex Shoes in Sydney.

A year on, what we're all up to....

Mary is making the most beautiful & romantic cakes under her own label Couture Cakes in Sydney and Leonie is being kept very busy with making cakes for family and friends.

Effie is making bold and beautiful cakes under her own label Designer Cakes by Effie as well as joining forces with the very talented Fran at the soon to be up and running Cake School in Melbourne.
Sharon is making pretty and elegant cakes under her own label Sharon Wee Creations in Sydney.  (Yes, we were very stressed out making hundreds of sugar petals!)

Sam is still ultra passionate about her cakes and makes them under her own label Sweet Sovaria.

Lesley's landed a dream job and is now a permanent fixture at Planet Cake Sydney.

 Clare has also realised her dream of a opening a studio in the gorgeously breathtaking town of Wanaka in the south island of New Zealand- aptly called Cakes of Wanaka

Kanissa, along with little Amerah is making fabulous cakes under her own label The Sweet Design Company in Wellington New Zealand.  

 And me, well, you all know what I get up to........

What I remember most about this class, are the great friends we made, how we all still keep in touch (thanks to social networking).

....and all the food that we ate during the 4 day sugarfest!!

Yep..... cake is VERY good for you!!


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