Friday, June 10, 2011

The Story of an Air Bubble......

As a cake decorator, an air bubble is your worst enemy.  It is something that easily slips in between layers of fondant or between fondant and cake.  If you knead it badly- you get an air bubble, if you roll the out the icing with too much cornflour  - you get and air bubble, if you moisten your cake any less than perfectly - you get an air bubble, if you smooth the fondant down badly - you get air bubbles.  Basically, you will always get an air bubble regardless of how careful you might be.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, air bubbles in RTR fondant, are generally only clearly visible in daylight.....

So if you are a hard working cake decorator - like most of us are....working late into the night to make a cake that is both freshly delicious and pretty for the next day, well, air bubbles are an added hazard.

As was the the drama of last weekend..

I arrived early in the morning to a very domed cake..... 3 hours to scheduled delivery....this air bubble had literally expanded to bursting point.  This is what happens when you make a cake (along with the air bubble) when its 4°C outside and then leave it there overnight and the weather warms to 20°C..........

Oh!  Woe is me!  All that work for nothing.... I was certainly not a happy chappy at this point.

Well, I certainly wasn't going to tell Peter & Jain - "er, by the way, do you mind cutting your cake at 8pm instead of 5.30pm?"

So, mad dash to reconstruct the cake.  Re-ganache, re cover and decorate.  Still you would never have known, if I hadn't told you......*wink wink*

It scrubbed up good, and got to the venue on time.

Whilst this was happening, I was also putting the finishing touches on two cute cakes for two little boys turning 5 and having a combined birthday party.  The thought of 50 children in one place, well, that sure sounds like an interesting morning.  (You can tell that I don't have any little ones of my own by that comment alone!)

For Declan, a Chinese lion dance themed cake.  Something his dad, a former Kung Fu Champion very obviously passed onto him!  Nothing like a sugar model of his favourite lion on an Italian meringue buttercream frosted cake!

And for Ben, Spiderman!  Loved hand piping spiderman and watching him come to life. 
I hope the boys had many happy memories of their birthdays and got to eat lots of cake!

And a quick sneak peek and some of the classes we are scheduling for the next couple of months.  I am looking forward to seeing how our designs are going to be implemented by our creative students!

Classic Starter - Cameo mini cake

Classic 102 - Present box 

Novelty Start - Box of popcorn

More designs to come soon as we work up to Handi's advanced classes in October.

Class registrations through the Cake Love website.

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