Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All for the love of cake

There are certain things that we all do for love.  We may not all love our day jobs, or our families and friends ALL of the time, but there are sometimes when we can do extraordinary things in the name of love.

All I can say is that this weekend truly tested my love for my cakes.

This is the massive cake for Kris and Kirsty's Soutwest long weekend getaway wedding.  It was such a pretty colour to work and one that matched the invitations.  For an events planner, Kirsty was really a dream bride to work with, relaxed and oh so lovely.

This cake, left my hands on an unusually humid Perth morning .  As a result, I fretted about as it sweated the 3.5 hour trip down south to Margaret River.  Luckily the pastry chef at the venue was kind enough to rescue it and fanned it down overnight.  By the time of the wedding, with a little touch up by a reliable sidekick, the cake was ready for center stage.  I will upload the photos from the venue as soon as I have them.

Talk about the stress of providing dessert for 100 people!


The second cake of the weekend, was a magical theme for Hugo's 5th birthday.  Mum Venus had grand plans on the design of the cake along with the colours to match the theme, complete with a magician and 35 little friends.

I adored making the 2 tiered chocolate cake with a cheeky bunny coming out of the magician's top hat.

The little family arrived early to pick up the cake, along with the birthday boy.  Doting Dad, with the camera at the ready....to capture the look of little Hugo's first encounter with his cake, thinking that we would get something like this.....

What a great response we got when Sharon & I delivered this awesome cake last year!!

 But instead, little Hugo hid behind is mum and wiped away a stray tear..... I guess there is a first time for everything.  **Sigh**  Very definitely a downward turn on that little mouth!

In consolation, Hugo's little 3 year old brother happily danced around the cake while we tried to get him to tell us what was wrong with his cake.....

Thankfully, Mum reported the next day that by the time he got home, he had cheered up enough to be a fantastic party host and even ate half the bunny.

photos courtesy of Venus via Facebook


And lastly, this pretty in pink cake for little Anna.

Commissioned by her adoring Uncle, fairies, butterflies and flowers were the order of the day.   Her favourite colours?  Pink, red, purple, white....depending on the day - is the information I had to work with.

Gladly, Anna was happy with her cake - so the weekend wasn't a total loss.....

photo courtesy of Annie via iphone

I hope Anna had an amazing birthday and certainly one with lots of lovely memories!

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