Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The big 40

I haven't quite got to the milestone yet, but I've always viewed 40  just over halfway to the top of the hill... and then naturally the aim is to get up there and then stay up there for as long as possible!! 

This week was a lovely week to be able to make 2 cakes for some lovely people hitting the Fabulous Forty.
Firstly a chocolate collared, strawberry covered cake for Carmel's Irish pub event.
Carmel was so sure that she wanted a really yummy chocolate cake....with berries, and so this is what we came up with.   Filled with a generous layer of chocolate buttercream and lavender strawberry confiture, then all topped with chocolate dipped strawberries.  

Carmel said via sms: 'the cake was delicious and looked great, everyone loved it.  I had a really great night....40 IS Fabulous!'

Awww.... how sweet!  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


The other 40 cake was made for Julian.  Julian's dad, Gordon,  flew all the way over from Queensland and organised the cake as a surprise.   Gordon in fact celebrates his birthday on the same day and turned a spritely 75.  

We thought it would be cheeky to add him onto the birthday message as an afterthought.

Gordon was lovely enough to call to personally thank me this morning and to let me know how much they enjoyed the cake and how surprised Julian was.  I wonder who got to eat all the hardware...?


Also just a short note that classes for June are up on the Cake Love website. 

We've got pillows and popcorn and even the odd Macaron or two.

Let us know what you want to learn!


  1. That popcorn is so cute! What is is made out of? And love that princess pillow :D

  2. Lorraine,
    Thanks! The popcorn is all made from fondant. We love the pillow too, it's so girly!