Friday, May 31, 2013

The end of Summer wedding season

Its so wonderful to be back home!  Since I last wrote I've been galavanting around the East coast of USA & Canada.  As luck would have it, we managed to arrive in Boston on the day of the lockdown and watched it unfold in the relative comfort of a hotel room!  Talk about excitement.
I did manage to do some caking research whilst there (Including learning how to make a whoopee pie properly) but to hit all the amazing cake places as well as doing the tourist thing.....would've been impossible.  
I do have to say though, that my highlight would've been the 1000 island region on the border between USA and Canada.  Super super fantastic!  That, and I LOVE thousand island sauce!
So Eastern USA, ticked off the bucket list!
Anyways, I did promise some photos of the cakes we did for the November - March wedding season, so here there are!
First up, a romantic classic design, perfectly suited for the venue at Millbrook Winery in Jarrahdale.  The bride wore lace and had a posy of pink peonies.  Perfect!
Then, this fabulously styled wedding on the Matilda bay foreshore, with ghost chairs, floral chandeliers and flowers in the Swan River.
Painstakingly handpiped to match the invitations.
Pretty close don't you reckon? 
And figurines in traditional wedding costumes to match.
Here they are again....cheekily in my car on the way to the wedding.
We also loved being a part of Laura's big day with this gown inspired wedding cake.
It all starts with a nicely edged cake
Apply some ruffles...
Some sugar lace, sugar flowers..... some bling and Et voila!
Laura loved her wedding dress, which was lovingly crafted by her sister in law, one of our budding local designers.
Often weddings are a team effort, and more often than not it requires the work of many teams.  Such was the case with the Angela's stunning wedding.
Styled by the talented Blissful Affairs, furniture and placement by Her handpicked harvest, flowers by Zinnia, photography by Nectarine, Video by White box studio and cake by yours truly, all seaside by the Indian Ocean at Indianas.
The cake
Awesome wedding video, cute as anything...!
Sometimes, it even takes a team to put together a cake....such as these two beauties.
Cake by us, flowers by the wonderful girls at Eufloria.
This cake was a real team effort.  Original design by the Caketress, sugar flowers by Glenda, figurines by me, Glenda & Kartini!  Wonderful centrepiece for the Quarry Ampitheatre.
And these wonderful babies, that we gave equally as much love to!
A macaron tower....or two.... the situation that macarons are not enough..... well, you can have a whole dessert table!  Just like Jess & Richard did!
Complete with a chocolate macaron tree and toadstool cupcakes!  Love it when we get such awesome clients!
Hope you all had a lovely season too and I look forward to sharing all the pics from our amazing guest teachers in the last few months!

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