Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Handi and the Caketress

It sounds like a the title of a fairytale story.  And really it was, a fairy tale written right in cakeland!

October and November at Cake Love is typically our advanced teaching months.  For students that have joined the family, many progress onto the masterclasses before it gets too hot in the year to work comfortably with chocolate and fondant.

We were so delighted this year to be able to host Handi Mulyana, who recently won the wedding industry awards for best cake decorator in Australia with a world rank at #5!  What a great achievement!

and then in less than a month after that, we said a big G'day welcome to Lori Hutchinson, aka the Caketress.

What a whirlwind month!  I'm still recovering!!  :)


Handi taught a series of classes including the signature double barrel - this time with rannuculus, cute couture figurines and the gravity deffying topsy turvy!  Let the photos tell the story.

Super duper cute and timelessly elegant.  This cake ended up being photographed for the West's Fresh liftout.
And what fun they had making these jaw dropping, gravity defying topsy cakes!
Lori's classes were amazing!  It's not everyday that one gets to watch and learn from an internationally awarded celebrity cake artist.  Lori Hutchinson aka the Caketress, made the long trip from Toronto to teach a series of classes in Perth, Sydney and Adelaide.

Some of Lori's recent work include this amazing cake featured in Harper's bizarre, for a couple in Dubai, cakes for Amy Atlas (stylist to the stars) as well as being on a couple of food network challenges on the food network.
and these other beautiful works of edible art!
I had actually been an admirer of Lori's work since 2007, before her rapid rise to stardom!  I always loved her unique style and proving yet again that talent has nothing to do with age, she is a real spring chicken at 28!
We made some ruly beautiful cakes with some of WA & Australia's most talented cake artists in class.
The cake was a toned down version of Lori's massive 7 tiered royal wedding inspired wedding cake, with some gorgeous detailing, and a pretty 2 tiered ruffled design.
What fun they had replicating these details!
And of course lots of fun in the process.
and look at the results!!

a kiss to sign off and in the window it went!
We adored having Lori in the studio and hope she'll come back next year!  Fingers crossed  :)

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