Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Handi hits town

Handi arrived an hour ahead of HRH Queen Elizabeth II.  What were the chances of having the a real Queen in town....and our very own Queen of cakes?

No sooner had we settled him into the trendy surrounds of Leederville, we were off with classes!

Peering into the fridge, this is what it looked like

Full of the yummy brownie chocolate cakes that Sous chef Carl had baked.


First up with the very elegant Double barrel and beautiful peonies to go with it's flawless pearl finish.

Stunning aren't they?

It also happened to be Handi's birthday as well as a long weekend so of course we had to have some sort of cake for him to cut ;) and a flower for the birthday boy.

On top of that, the chefs at Panorama were busily preparing food for the Maltese prime minister (here for CHOGM) and we got to sample some of those yummy dishes!!

Including this divine panacotta with pomegranate molasses and salted white chocolate. Mmmm... totally passed the boobie wobble test. 


Then over the long weekend we made Madhatters!  Now, a madhatter is made in shape that no cake can ever be baked in.  So, its a long and precise technique to get a cake to defy gravity and yet look wonky, but in a way symetrical.

The carving begins........

We were delighted with the design elements that our students had obviously spent a lot of time on, and the preparations done before class to add those great original touches.

The cakes were completely awesome and Handi was so impressed.  See!  Perth fares pretty well for creative talent!

 Amazing work!!  Not a bad way to spend a long weekend at all!

Stay posted for the even more amazing figurines and circus train, as well as the Marvellous macaron class that kinda took an interesting turn.  :)


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