Monday, January 17, 2011

Outdoor Summer Celebrations

For those of you following my adventures in the pursuit of the sweet things in life - will know the dramatic lead up to this weekends orders.  But as I stepped away from the table after placing the last macaron on the plate and looked at my first dessert table, I forgot all stresses of the past week.

You may wonder, the pains and dramas of producing something beautiful only to have it devoured and gone in a matter of minutes - is it all worth it?

Well....yes, I think so.  To me, beauty is fleeting.  So for me, making a difference, no matter how fleeting, as long as it is memorable - it's enough for me.

Carol & Doug had a beautiful morning wedding at Kings Park in the Rotunda.  The bride chose macarons to match the colours of her bouquet by florist extraordinaire Jessie Anne, cake pops flavoured with tia maria and cointreau, an orange blossom cupcake tower and cranberry and white chocolate shortbread cookies.  All by the beautiful view of the Swan River on a perfect summer day!

Green - Matcha with white chocolate, Pink - Raspberry, Ivory - Lychee and Yellow - Lemon

The display from another angle!

I'm sure that Carol & Doug's big day sparkled brightly and was absolutely memorable!


Last on this week's program was Katie's bridal shower.  A private cupcake class was requested for 25 of Katie's closest friends. 

The ladies were taught how to pipe buttercream and make fondant roses and penguin figurines.
Hard at work!

The bride to be made this cupcake without taking her veil and gloves off..... impressive!!

and the other results?

and the winner of the best cupcake creation......

Glenna with her penguins in love creation!

Well done to all the lovely ladies.  Congratulations to the beautiful bride to be. Many thanks to the wonderful Amanda and Lisa for organising the tea party and Liz for opening her gorgeous home to host us all!


  1. What a gorgeous dessert table (can imagine all the love that went into it)!

    And the macarons are just perfect! Nothing like the addition of these little french gems to make any occasion that much more sparkly!

  2. Winnie you are AMAZING for creating such a wonderful and not to mention YUMMY morning Tea for Carol and Doug!! It worked in perfectly with my floral creation.... what a dreaming colour palette we got to work with!!!