Monday, April 5, 2010

Perth Planet Cake Classes

Less than one month to go before Planet Cake arrives in Perth!! I'm so excited to meet all the Perth cake decorators. Classes will be at Epicurious in Subiaco and Basic 101 and 102 on the 5 & 6 May still have a few places available. So, get onto the Planet Cake site.

Classes will be taught by the amazingly talented Handi, who some of you may remember from last years episode of Master Chef.

Joanne Tay and myself will be helping Handi with the courses, and we look forward to seeing all the creative and wonderful cakes that you will be making!!

Here is a sneak peek at the Brisbane classes from earlier in the year.

Imagine how difficult it will be to cut into this luscious chocolate cake filled with Belgium chocolate ganache, even if it is too beautiful to eat...... because after all, it is edible art!

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